Spring has arrived with promises of warm weather and longer days. For the next few months, we will be spending more time outdoors. But for beach goers, athletes, and anyone who enjoys a stroll in the park, sun safety is vital. Let’s review some sun safety tips.

Why Is Sunblock Important?

With increased sun exposure comes increased risk of sunburn. Sunburns cause a variety of symptoms such as painful skin, headaches, and blistering. However, sunburns also lead to increased risk of melanoma. Melanoma is the most severe type of skin cancer. Children who experience sunburns are more likely to develop melanoma later in life. This makes sun safety an important part of our children’s health.

Sun Saftey For Newborns And Children Under 6 Months Of Age

Sunblock is not recommended for children under 6 months. Our best option remains physical barriers. Dress your baby in light clothing that covers the arms and legs. A wide brimmed hat will protect your baby’s face and neck. When outdoors, find an area that provides adequate shade.

Sun Safety For Babies Over The Age Of 6 Months, Children, And Adolescents

Sunblock with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating of 30 and higher should be applied. It should be Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, and Oxybenzone Free. Sunblock must be applied 30 minutes prior to going outdoors, even when cloudy. Reapply every 2 hours or immediately after coming out of the water. Physical barriers, like proper light weight clothing, should still be used whenever possible.

Summer Fun

We all love to enjoy the good weather with our families. Let’s ensure our children’s safety and create great memories for them.

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