Your newborn needs your love, attention, and support. But you’re not alone. We are here for you.

What To Expect

The newborn visit takes place within one week after arriving home from the hospital. The visit will begin with three measurements: height, weight, and head circumference. We’ll continue to track these measurements during our continuing regular visits.


We will discuss the baby’s feeding habits together.  Things like: breastfeeding and formula feeding, how many ounces and how often the baby feeds, bowel movements, etc..


We will review sleep patterns. On average, newborns sleep 18 hours per day. We will talk about sleep cylces and sleep positions.

Other Topics

Topics such as bathing and umbilical cord care will be covered. Milestones will be reviewed at every visit as well as vaccines.


Of course, this is a great time to ask your questions.  Our visits are not lectures, they are discussions. Questions and comments are always welcomed and encouraged.

You can book your baby’s Newborn Visit here.

Comments? Questions? contact Dr. Eric Goldstein at Kid Care Pediatrics.

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