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A physical examination, or checkup, can tell you everything you need to know about your child’s health at each developmental stage. At Kid Care Pediatrics in Rockville Centre, New York, friendly pediatrician Eric Goldstein, MD, gets to know you and your child during annual physicals and can answer all of your questions about your child’s well-being, serving the surrounding areas: Valley stream, Lynbrook, Oceanside, Merrick, Baldwin, and Nassau county. To book your child’s next physical exam, call Kid Care Pediatrics, or schedule an appointment online today.

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What is a physical exam?

A physical, commonly called a checkup, is a standard medical examination to evaluate your child’s overall health. At Kid Care Pediatrics, Dr. Goldstein provides physical examinations for kids of all ages. Your child doesn’t need to be sick to get a physical exam. In fact, they’re a part of preventive care and can help you learn how to improve your child’s healthy habits at home. 

They’re also an opportunity to ask Dr. Goldstein questions you have about your child’s health, growth, and development and catch early signs of illness before symptoms occur.

From year to year, Dr. Goldstein gets to know you and your child a bit better at each visit. As he becomes familiar with your family’s medical history and your family’s lifestyle and preferences, he can provide personalized care for your child as they grow.
What happens during a physical?

Your child’s physical exams might change a bit from year to year as your child grows older. However, many parts of a physical stay the same throughout childhood and adolescence. 

When you first arrive, Dr. Goldstein measures your child’s height and weight. He can compare them to the measurements from past physical exams and average measurements for your child’s age group and sex. Then, he takes your child’s blood pressure and heart rate. 

Next, Dr. Goldstein observes your child for any apparent signs of poor health or development. He might also palpate parts of your child’s body to feel for fluid buildup, poor circulation, and other symptoms invisible to the naked eye. Finally, he uses a stethoscope to listen to your child’s heart and lungs. He may also use other tools to view their ears, eyes, nose, and throat. He checks their vision, hearing, and reflexes.

Finally, you’ll discuss your child’s behaviors, physical activity, appetite, emotional development, and other aspects of their wellness. Dr. Goldstein can answer your questions and make sure your child is content and physically healthy.

When is a physical necessary?

Dr. Goldstein offers two types of physicals for children at Kid Care Pediatrics:

Annual physicals

You should bring your child in for a physical at Kid Care Pediatrics once a year or more frequently if Dr. Goldstein recommends it. Annual physicals are a way to track your child’s health across each stage of development.

Sports physicals

If your child enrolls in extracurricular sports or physical activities of any kind, they may be required to get a sports physical before they participate. During a sports physical, Dr. Goldstein makes sure your child is healthy enough to play safely and avoid injuries and health complications as a result. He can also help your child manage conditions like exercise-induced asthma that could affect them during sports. 

To book your child’s next annual physical or a sports physical, call Kid Care Pediatrics or book one online today.